sábado, 14 de febrero de 2009

Adrenicide - Drunk With Power

Country: U.K.
Genre: Thrash Metal/Crossover
Album: Drunk With Power
Year: 2006
Bitrate: 192 kbps


1. Form a circle
2. Infernal waves
3. Out on bail
4. Cradle to the grave
5. Little jimmy
6. Fight for the right (to be a dick)
7. You coloured my world with shit
8. Catch the bus
9. I'm dirt
10. Toxic society
11. Visiting hours
12. Ward 13
13. Keeps going wrong
14. God told me to do it
15. Drunk with power

Primer full-lenght de estos thrashers, con el cual se dieron a conocer alrededor del mundo, y con muy buenos temas como lo son "Form a circle", "Toxic society", "Fight for the right", etc.

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