viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2008

Nightside Glance - Twilight Visions Of The Night

1. The Call of the Distant Skies
2. Nightside GlanceListen
3. Omen (Son of Satan)Listen
4. In Raven ClawsListen
5. Twilight Visions of the NightListen
6. The Funeral Bell

Lineup on this recording:
Demian — vocals & synth
Astaroth — drums
Beherith —bass guitar
Midgard — synthesizers & piano
Lestat — guitar
Gothard — lead guitar & synth

Band: Nightside Glance
Album: Twilight Visions Of The Night
Year: 2005
Country: Belarus
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
Bitrate: 192kbps
Pass: dante

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