domingo, 6 de diciembre de 2009

Superjoint Ritual - A Lethal Dose Of American Hatred

Country: U.S. (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Genre: Sluge/Southern Metal/Hardcore
Album: A Lethal Dose Of American Hatred
Year: 2003
Bitrate: 192 kbps


1. Sickness
2. Waiting For The Turning Point
3. Dress Like A Target
4. The Destruction Of A Person
5. Personal Insult
6. Never To Sit Or Stand Again
7. Deaththreat
8. Permanently
9. Stealing A Page Or Two From Armed and Radical Pagans
10. Symbol Of Nevermore
11. The Knife Rises
12. The Horror
13. Absorbed


NO PASS!!!...

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