jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2009

Raped God 666 / Incinerator / Antacid - Demon Seed Of Thrash [Split]

General: 192 kbps

Band: Raped God 666
Country: México (México City)


1. Cyclone Devastator
2. Blasphemy (Satanic Metal Throne)
3. Evil To The Bone
4. Black Kingdom
5. Full Of Hate
6. Raped God

Band: Incinerator
Country: Sweden (Jönköping)


7. A War to End All Wars
8. Order Of Chaos
9. Silancing of Souls
10. No Regrets
11. Agression Of The Beast
12. False Trust

Band: Antacid
Country: Malaysia (Kajang,Selangor)


13. Metal Assault Devastation
14. Sexual Holocaust
15. Riot Of Violence (Kreator cover)*
16. Living In Disorder

* Kreator cover doesn't appear on this download...


NO PASS!!!...

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