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Lamented Souls - The Origin Of Misery

1.Essence of Wounds05:32


4.Suffer Salvation03:17

5.Demon Baby03:52

6.Traces of You03:54

7.Sprukken Maske02:59

9.Eternal Existence04:53



12.Sprukken Maske03:08

13.Eternal Existence04:10


1-7 recorded at Endless Studios 1997:
Vocals, guitars, e-bow, fx: Simen Hestnćs
Bass, fx: Olav Knutsen
Guitars:OJ Noir
Drums: Einar Sjursř
Text on Suffer Salvation Written by Lise Myhre, cartoon author of Nemi

Track 8-11 recorded at Stovner Rockefabrikk 1995:
Vocals, guitars, bass: Simen Hestnćs
Guitars, bass: Olav Knutsen
Drums, backing vocals: OJ Noir

Track 12-13 recorded at Lydskolen 1996:
Vocals, guitars, bass, flute: Simen Hestnćs
Guitars:Olav Knutsen
Drums, backing vocals: OJ Noir

Track 14 recorded at Hřlet 1993:
Drums: Simen Hestnćs
Bass: Petor Holm
Guitars: Olav Knutsen
Guitars: OJ Noir

Band: Lamented Souls
Album: The Origin Of Misey
Year: 2004
Country: Norway
Genre: Doom Metal
Bitrate: 160kbps
Pass: dante

if you already have listened some Doom bands, this excellent work is for you, So enjoy it. it sounds like Candlemass`first works. by the way, it counts with the participation of Dimmu Borgir, Borknagar And Arcturus`s vocalist Simen Hestnćs(vortex)

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